ZIENER is looking for a independent sales agent for Norway!


Master glove maker Franz Ziener, originally from the Ore Mountains in East Germany, established his glove making business here in 1946. What were once high-quality, handmade gloves for everyday use are today technically innovative gloves for winter sports.

The first ski gloves were made in 1952 at the request of Mirl Buchner, a well-known skier from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. After that, until 1984, Ziener is the supplier of ski gloves of the German Ski Team. More national teams from Europe followed in the years thereafter.

In 2014, Ziener introduced heated gloves and in 2019 it also produced a glove line for backcountry skiers. Today, Ziener is one of Europe's market leaders in the winter sports gloves segment.


From FW24/25 on ZIENER is looking for a new sales agent for Norway! Apply directly to Daniel Ziener (Head of Sales and Marketing):


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