Scandinavian Outdoor Award to… ALFA

Vinnerne er kåret! Etter nøye testing utendørs og livlige diskusjoner har den internasjonale juryen sammensatt av outdoor-journalister og -utstyrspesialister blitt enige om vinnerne av Scandinavian Outdoor Award for neste års høst/ vintersesong.

Sustainability is a key concept and the overall winner of the Scandinavian Outdoor Award is Alfa with the boot Stad, a technical boot with a focus on sustainability and comfort. The second most prestigious award is the Sustainability Award. This prize goes to Silva for the new Terra Scout, the jury was impressed with Silva's use of innovative material.

Five products in total just received a Scandinavian Outdoor Award for the Fall/Winter 2022/2023 season. Norwegian Alfa was named Overall Winner, the finest award of them all. And Silva from Sweden took home the Sustainability Award.

Three more prizes awarded:

Hardware Award: Pannier Rolltop 22L from Iamrunbox (Sweden)

Footwear Award: Classic Winterboot from Polyver (Sweden)

Kids Award: Megapito from Reima (Finland)


Alfa / Stad

Alfa use 100% wool from Norwegian sheep in their new boot Stad, its woven to give better tear resistance than more commonly used felted wool. As reinforcement Alfa use nubuck and a Vibram Megagrip sole for great traction in winter. A hybrid of a trendy and comfortable winter boot for everyday use on urban and suburban walks.

Statement from the Jury: The lightweight winter boot Stad from the Norwegian footwear specialist Alfa looks and performs great and won every jury member’s heart. Upper and lining are woven with Norwegian wool that is more durable than the normally used felted wool. Woven wool has been used for over 100 years for manufacturing furniture and folklore. Wool keeps your feet warm, breathes better than leather or waterproof membranes and sheds snow. The sole uses Vibram Megagrip compound. What a great way to use Norwegian wool, the jury agrees.


Silva / Terra Scout

Silva has found a very exciting way to reduce their products impact on the environment with an innovative way of using hemp in their headlamps instead of plastic. That means 90% less C02 footprint in a product that already is long lasting and of high quality. Silva long for a brighter future and Silva Terra is their plan to make it happen. The strategy is well known and easy to understand – reuse, reduce, recycle. Silva Terra is a commitment and contribution to the future. Step by step, product by product.

Statement from the jury: The Swedish brand Silva brings sustainable materials into the head-lamp-category: The Terra Scout is made from hemp and recycled plastics with a CO2-footprint reduction of up to 90 percent compared to standard plastics. The compact and lightweight headlamp (84 g with three

AAA-batteries) is easy to use and will be available at an affordable price. A rechargeable battery pack can be purchased separately and will add to the lamp convenience and sustainability.


Iamrunbox / Pannier Rolltop 22L

A great combination of usability and reusability when recycled plastic is used in a pack that can handle all your daily activities, such as commute by foot or bike to avoid using your car but still bring what you need. This pack transforms very easy between a backpack and a pannier.

Statement from the jury: The more versatile a product, the less we need to buy and the better for the environment. The waterproof Pannier Rolltop 22L from the Swedish label Iamrunbox meets this need perfectly. You can use it as a bike pannier or transform it within less than a minute into a backpack that is ideal for running, commuting, or shopping. The waterproof fabric of each product is made of 58 PET-bottles. Inside the bag there is a notebook sleeve, a dirt cover will protect the shoulder straps when attached to a bike.


Polyver Sweden/ Classic Winter Boot

Reborn Classic Winter Boot from Polyver Sweden. Designed, developed, and produced in Jämtland, Sweden. The new Classic Winter Boot represents 15 years of customer feedback, testing and development to get to the final design. Resulting in a boot that is way more anatomic and comfortable than previous generations.

Statement from the jury: Insulated cold weather boots out of rubber-like materials are typical for Scandinavia: for walking, fishing, hunting etc. The Swedish label Polyver takes this concept in the Classic Winter Boot to the next level. Due to millions of tiny air bubbles in the new material called CLI Tech (Comfort, lightness and insulation), it insulates extremely well and keeps your feet toasty and dry. CLI Tech is also super durable and long lasting. After testing even jury members not being used to this kind of footwear were convinced of the functionality and comfort in this fair priced, made in Sweden Classic Winter Boot.


Reima / Megapito

This is a very warm boot for the kids who spend a lot of time outside. It has insulation from Primaloft that is both recycled and keeps feet warm down to at least -30°C. Keeping your kids safe is another high priority and the Megapito from Reima have a sole equipped with Vibram Traction Lug Technology to give a good grip on slippery surfaces such as ice and snow.

Statement from the jury: Parents who want outstanding gear for the kids will love this winter boot from the Finnish children brand Reima just as much as the jury. For the Megapito only highly functional materials are used like the new Vibram-Tractionlug-outsole with 25 percent more grip than standard soles or super warm soft Primaloft Gold Insulation that has 90 percent recycle content. The shoes are easy to put on and off, very comfortable to wear and lightweight. Available in four colors.


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